Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Hear ye, Hear ye, and Hark!!!

In the days of summer in the year of 2008, a cry went out across the land for the Semadeni Siblings to gather.

… and it came to pass in the month of August that 3 of the 5 Semadeni Siblings who were of age came together in the land of Florida.

Much laughter, feasting, and carousing ensued, both on the land and in the sea. The time soon drew nigh that the Siblings gathered together in the chambers of the host to discuss many matters concerning the family. After much dishing/discussing, it was brought to light that a great fear was in each of them. And that fear was called “buying Christmas gifts for Husbands”. And the fear was growing, in so much as the chances were becoming probable that one family might be in the position at some time to have to buy gifts for 2 other husbands. And the fear was strong.

…and so, after much more talking and after hearing the cries and pleas of the other Siblings, the Eldest, who wore upon her fingers the sign of authority which was pink nails gilded with hot pink tips and polka dots, decided that in the years to come, the drawing of names would only include the Semadeni Siblings. Of course because none wanted the husbands to be entirely excluded, here after, it would be allowed that the gift could be considered as a Semadeni Sibling family gift if the gift-er so chose.

… and thus, the fear was overcome and happiness returned to the land. And much laughter, feasting and carousing ensued.

The decree went out that the 2008 gifting would be as follows:

Elena will “be-getting” something for Sarah
Susie will “be-getting” something for Elena
Sarah will “be-getting” something for Jacqu
Jacqu will “be-getting” something for Joe
Joe will “be-getting” something for Susie

So let it be written,
So let it be done!!!

(that is of course, if it's ok with everyone else?!!)