Sunday, March 29, 2009

Psssst, Jacq

Our wishlist is this: take whatever amount makes you happiest and put it towards the charity that makes you happiest. Toys for Tots is always a good fall-back plan.

And if you just have to send a package to the boy, he'd love one of your favorite children's books purchased to support your (new) local library. Dog eared and well read is fine with us! (Many local library have "friends" of the library book sales. It's a great way to feel good twice!)


more days until Christmas!!!! I know! St. Pat's and Valentines Day are long gone and you still don't know who you're shopping for! Well, that's all about to change right now, missy, because there's a new sheriff in charge of this hat draw thingy and she's got time on her hands.


Lenka gets to get for Jacq
Sis gets to get for 'rah
'rah gets to get for Joe
Jacq gets to get for Sis
Joe gets to get for Lenka