Wednesday, March 07, 2012

I am in the process of cleaning up the number of blogs that I've started /joined and am wondering if this space remains relevant or if the group that Sarah set up on Facebook is a better family forum.  I am happy to do nothing and let this space settle back into the dust, to change the settings to "private" so that only those with a password would be able to access any information we have posted, or to scrap it altogether.  Please let me know what you think would be best!



SheBear said...

I'd hate to lose the original content.....I don't know how or if anyone would like to still use the blog for posting fresh content--I can't even seem to make my personal blog a priority--but I still have fun once in awhile scrolling through the archives here.

I don't know....the Facebook group is convenient, and includes all the spouses as participants.

But this space feels more "official" to me--more thoughtful, intentional if that makes sense.

I know the spring-cleaning/purging desire though, and if it feels like just so much more clutter for you to deal with as the admin, then that's not fair to you.

Maybe a probation period? Would anyone else be interested in making a commitment to using the blog as a Round Robin family letter? Say we cycle it in age-order, with each sib publishing a post with "all the news that's fit to print" in their turn.

It could be weekly, or monthly if that fits everyone's needs (and procrastinary tendencies) better. Sort of like a Christmas Letter, but if we did it weekly, each sib would cycle through just over once a month. Mom & Dad could take a week as well. And it would be a little easier to keep track of who's turn it is to post.....along with friendly goading of course.... ;-)

I dunno. Just throwing the idea out there! :-) love you all!

SheBear said... the new layout, color scheme, etc.!

Very soothing! :-)

SheBear said...

P.S2.... I'd personally kinda like it if the comments were opened up to anyone with the password, so that spouses, etc., could comment if they like. :-) I admittedly don't know what would be involved in making that possible, though.

Jacqueline said...

I like the FB page better, but am not terribly attached to either one (what I mean is, I just like having a way to keep in touch; I'm not picky about the format). If y'all wanna do what Sarah suggested, I'm up for it. Just lemme know!

(but if I was voting, I'd go with keep the FB page, ditch this one.)


Oh, and, Sis, you can totally delete the one between us for the 1/2 marathon. Sorry I pooped out on you on that!

susan said...

I will look into what it would take to open up the comments to "passworded" individuals... if nothing else, I can easily invite spouses to become team members so that they would have the ability to weigh in as desired.

I'm happy to try out the family letter idea (as long as everyone is willing to forgive me when I hastily cut and paste from our travel blog at the nth hour when I remember that it's my turn!).

There's no reason that this can't just sit here as is, too... it's merely taking up cyberspace and other than my quarterly impulses to eliminate and purge, it doesn't bother me one bit :).

@ Jacq -- no worries :). I'm pretty sure the other blog was a victim of a similar E&P cycle shortly after the half-marathon was over!

Thanks for the responses! Anyone else?