Saturday, November 24, 2007

Prop me Up, I'm LISTING...

Wish List #2,345,876

Hey guys, just wanna be sure that NO ONE will be disapointed with whatever they get me for Christmas this year. No, seriously, that's just the kind of sister I am, always looking out for my Sibs. After all, Peace, Goodwill, and the joy of giving the perfect gift, Those ARE the reason for the season aren't they? And so, without further bull, I mean, ADO:

A. Gift Cards
Books*A*Million, Belk Hudson, Pet-co/smart/depot (any pet store is great), Target (we've finally got one close) or Goody's. Pedi/Mani-cure, I'd call Papeete's in Cullman and ask for Cindy Patton, or I've heard that Wal*mart does a good job too.

B. Household Stuff
Seriously, I'm totally in Love with the Willow Tree Angels, by Demdaco. I love them all, but I especially like the nativity scenes. (there are two different ones, and I love them both) (look at The face-less characters seem to just speak to me. Other than that,
I'd love to have a nice centerpiece for my table. Burke's florist here in Cullman knows exactly what I want, so a GC for them would be great.

C. Music
I would love to bring Chris Daughtry "home" for the holidays. I like a lot of the modern adult alternative stuff, (see Susie's list). I've found that I'm really liking Pink's stuff. Of course Vince Gill is always welcome in my house, and he has a new 4cd boxed set called "These Days" that is sure to be awesome. Allison Kraus, and Amy Grant are some of my faves and I'm a complete fan of the old stuff and would love to have some Don Williams, Jim Reeves, etc.

D. Hobbies
Ain't got none right now, the Movie has sucked all the "hobby" out of me.

I absolutely loved the movie, Ratatouille. If whomever has my name has any connections, a San Fransisco Hoodie would be great. Any of the Danielle Steele books that I don't have. (Be sure to check with Mom, she's been trying to keep an eye out at the White Elephant and has done an amazing job. (I'll have an updated list to her tonight). And I think I'm finally ready to take on the responsibility for Chuck V (a beta fish for my office) since it's been a respectable 5 months since
Chuck IV went to... well... um, sleep with the fishes. (see GC for Pet???)

Other than that, I can't imagine what else I might possible wish for except a wonderful end to this seemingly interminable movie madness.... Yikes.

As for Roger, An elf told me that his has been taken care of. I guess Coal isn't too hard to come by these days... Ba-Da-ding!!

And that's all for now!! Hope all is well for each of you and I can't wait to see who actually looks at my list!!!


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susan said...

So does that mean you don't want your puce and lime doily?