Thursday, November 15, 2007

I give up!

Time to resurrect Lenka's post from last year or start mailing out doilies from the local Christmas bazaar. They come in all colors, so don't think for a minute I can't find one for you. And if I don't have your name this year? Chances are good that I'll get it next year. Bwah-ha-ha-ha...

Ladies and Gentlemen! Start your wishlists!

Here's mine:
A. Gift cards – I love me some Target!
B. Household stuff – picture frames - with or without the pictures. Did you see pictures of the house*? You might guess that I have some wall space to fill up...
C. Music - Tom Petty, Sheryl Crow, Shawn Colvin, Coldplay, Sarah MacLachlan, Jack Johnson... (most artists catergorized as "adult alternative"). Currently I'm pining for anything by Diana Krall.
D. Hobbies - paper, stickers, glue sticks, markers, scissors... do I sound like an elementary school teacher or what?!
E. ETC. - SOCKS!!! Seriously? Lenka done good on the socks last year. I love, luv, lurve my comfy fuzzy rainbow smiley face socks! But there's always room in the drawer for a few more!

The better half:
A. Gift cards - REI, Best Buy, Lowes, Home Depot
B. Household stuff - CocaCola memorabilia
C. Music - Rap or R&B... let me know what you're thinking and I'll let you know if he's got it already!
D. Hobbies - home improvement (hey, he's making me write this list!), gardening, running
E. ETC. - travel/guide books

Your turn!

*More pictures to be posted, soon. Well, as soon as I can tunnel out of the boxes and remember that I'm supposed to be posting pictures. By Christmas for sure maybe... 2008.

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