Thursday, June 12, 2008

Home Makeover - Bedroom edition 5-2008

It was a wonderful trip, thanks to my Family!! I had a blast and can't wait to find a reason for us all to get together again!! Thought you might want to see some of the pix I took. I'm only including the pictures that don't have human faces in them, but if ya'll don't mind, I'd love to post some of the People Pix too, so let me know and I'll do it later. For now, here's what we actually accomplished besides eating too much...

Spiders and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails...

Spider Man would move in in a skinny spidey minute!! All we needed was some spider webs hanging from the corners, but hey, it's the boy's room, so I say give it time and it'll have plenty of webs and probably a few cooties if we're real lucky!!

Sugar and Spice and Flowers, sooo nice...

All this room needs is a couple of Susie's Unicorns and some live Fairies!! Hopefully no one has a bad case of allergies to estrogen, because this room is simply bursting with GIRL POWER and FLOWERS and BUTTERFLIES!!


And then here's the cake that Sarah bought,
Mom paid for (at first),
Susie, Jacqu, Elena & Earl shopped for,
and Daddy and Paul (AKA: Texas Red or simply TR) helped eat,
to celebrate little Brother's Commisioning.
Two Words: YUM MEEEE!!!!!

God Bless our Amazing Family!!!!

(p.s. let me know about posting the people pix!!)
(p.p.s. Mom, you gotta get Jacqu to post the vidoed "talent" portion of the evening)


SheBear said...

What does it say about me that I had to finance a cake through my mommy?

Even worse, I've not made good on the debt yet! :)

Sorry mom, the check is not quiiiiite in the mail yet, but it IS in the pkg that is sitting by the door waiting to be mailed! ;-)

And, the rooms look great! Come do mine next? ;) Mwah!

susan said...

Can't wait to see the results in person!

No problems on this end with posting people pics... then again, I've got administrative rights, so I can always go edit 'em out if I don't like 'em. Nyah nyah na-nyah nyah!

Jacqueline said...

post away! Paul (I can't quite bring myself to call him TR) gives his permission as well.

Why am I suddenly referred to as "Jacqu"?