Thursday, July 20, 2006

Any Excuse For Tie-Dye, I Always Say...

Just playing around a bit with this cool bloggity. Great job setting it up, Sis!

Oh, and BTW, The Green Team is totally in on Firecracker 5K! And, we intend to beat all y'all, so there! :P

I'm thinking this calls for tie-dye.....everyone, please LMK your sizes so that I can make us some t-shirts for the event! Along with your oh-so-creative ideas, of course. I'm thinking what I'll do is come up with some suitable printage (like, perhaps, the awesome name of this blog) and get plain white shirts printed by CafePress , then I'll dye them all to match (or sorta).

What do you all think?


Susan said...

I honestly don't think I own anything tie-dyed... what that says about me, I'm not sure. :) You may not have to go to all that trouble -- at most of the 5K events that we've been to, a T-shirt was included with the registration fee. Do you think we'd lose our deposit on the cabins if we turned tie-dying into a secondary event?

SheBear said...

Ummm, my idea was to make the shirts ahead of time (since I have nearly a year), not at the cabins. It wouldn't be "trouble" since it would be a labor of love....I wouldn't have suggested it if I'd thought it would be trouble!

And, presumably, we'd have other opportunities to wear them besides just the race.

Of course, it's no big deal if you don't want to be involved. I'll make 'em for those that wants 'em and leave it at that! :)

Susan said...

My bad, then. I guess I'm probably a medium.