Sunday, July 23, 2006

Tech Questions

1. Is there anyway to adjust the settings so that I can receive email notification for new posts and/or comments?

2. Is there anyway to show (i'm thinking on the front page, in the margins or profile area) the members/owners of this blog....i.e. who all has access to it and/or is able to post?

3. Is there any way to invite other Semadeni's (or honorary Semadeni's) to join?


Susan said...

1. To the best of my knowledge, since I'm the administrator, email notifications for comments would come to me. If you add this blog as a link to your own blog using a "program" such as BlogRolling, you can set it so that when there is a new post the link would show it. I'm not sure if Blogger has any settings like that.

2. I will be happy to list who the members are with their permission. So far the only ones allowed to post are those who I have invited to join (the sibs and Mom and Dad) that have accepted membership. Members are also the only ones allowed to comment. The site itself is accessible to the internet at large as I have not discovered any way through Blogger to make the site "secure" or member-only accessible.

3. As the administrator, I am responsible for inviting members. If you have suggestions for who should be invited, please let me know. Lenka, SheBear, Jacque, Joe, Mom, and Dad should have all gotten an invitation. SheBear and Jacque are the only ones who have accepted membership thus far. So that means that only the three of us (SheBear, Jacque, and myself) are allowed to post or comment.

Susan said...

Update: I thought I had come up with a way to get comments/new post notification sent out via email, but Blogger will only send such notifications to one email address. :( Sorry!