Thursday, December 28, 2006


Since the local news was able to "call" the last election results with a smaller percentage of the votes in, what say we call this a done deal? When in Philly, and all that. Plus, Lenka did send out an email way back when:
From: Lenka
Sent: Friday, December 15, 2006 2:24 PM
To: Sis
Subject: RE: [Proxsemadeni] Er, um, yeah. Best laid plans and all that...

WOW, ME likey Oakland Cottage!!

Shall we just consider that her vote?

I'll give Oakland Cottage a call first thing Tuesday morning and start making the arrangements for our stay in July.

~'rah, I'll let you know about the deposit. I think we should be fine with your suggestion of taking care of it for now and figuring out reimbursement later. I'll double check with J and the budget and let everyone know asap!

A big "Thanks" and a bunch of hugs and kisses to all of you for playing along with me and responding with your opinions, concerns, suggestions, and input!


SheBear said...

Ooops! That's not what I meant at all when I asked if we'd be reimbursing you for the deposit. I just figured that they would want all the deposit at once, in one payment, not each of us sending them our share. So, I made the assumption--since you've been doing all the leg work thus far--that you'd be the logical one to send in the deposit.

I really truly didn't mean to imply that you should have to wait for your reimbursement! Actually, I should have phrased it differently. Perhaps "When do you have to send the $$ for the deposit, so that we can send you our share before then?"

Anyways.....just let us know how much the break-down is, and we will send our share ASAP. Hope that is a bit more clear! :) verification word is "herulx."

Indeed, HE does! :)

susan said...

'rah, Hey, no worries! If I read the website correctly, they will want the deposit at the time of reservation, so naturally we'd need to take care of that. We'll worry about reimbursement (how much, when, etc.) along with all the other little details. Your assumption certainly didn't ruffle any feathers on this end.