Friday, April 13, 2007

Week Whatever-the-heck-we're-on...

Anyone out there still following the training schedule? According to my calculations, we're coming up on week 39! So for those of you playing along:

At least 3 days this week:

Warm-up walk: 5 minutes
Run: 39 minutes
Walk: 5 minutes
Cool down walk: 5 minutes
*Total time = 49 minutes

All in favor of coming up with a "Help! I fell off the schedule and now there's no way on God's green Earth I'm running 39 consecutive mintues but I'd like to believe I can catch up and no one will be any the wiser when we all get together in 10 weeks" plan? Never fear! Cool Running has a training plan that will have you sparking along at the Firecracker 5K!

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