Thursday, April 05, 2007

And.... We're Back.

Scheeeee-woooo! It is DUSTY in here!!! And a little musty. Do I detect a faint odor of neglect? Let's get a window or two opened... blow the dust off the ole keyboard... hmmm. Socks. Wonder who those belong to. Anyone missing a pair of socks? Anyone? Anyone? No? Okay, well, not important. Now then, on to business.


I decided to put off procrastinating for a day or two and got some administrative work done yesterday, including a phone call to Oakland Cottage. Yay, me! So, without further ado, here are the long awaited answers to your burning questions. Drumroll, please.....

  1. Are there grounds that we can “play” on?
    Oakland Cottage has a huge backyard that has been a popular draw for the younger set in the past. They don't have a problem with us staking out a croquet course, although I was warned that there is a bit of a slope. Of course, I figure that a slope just gives me something to blame my inability to hit the ball in any sort of straight line...
  2. Is there a BBQ grill available for us to use?
    Yup, two of 'em.
  3. I see on your home page that some of your properties are equipped with DVD players – is Oakland Cottage one of them? Is there a VCR available?
    Yup again. Two DVD players and a VCR. There is no "TV viewing" room, though, so movies would need to be watched in our rooms.
  4. When we booked Oakland Cottage, two of my sisters had the intention of bringing along their dogs (both would be crated during the day if not with us) and we agreed to the $90 pet fee. If they choose not to bring the dogs, would that fee be refunded to us? How much advance notice do you need for us to make such a change?
    There is no problem with refunding the pet deposit. If the decision is made before we make our final payment (due June 3rd), they will simply deduct that amount from the total owed. If the decision is made last minute, they will work out the refund with us. Those of you NOT considering bringing along critters, don't have to worry about this at all -- room costs were all calculated without the $90 fee.

Other minutia:
  • I emailed Rona this morning to remind her to send us applications for this year's Firecracker 5K. (Yeah, that's right. We're still running this thing. Hey, don't shoot the messenger -- it was all 'rah's idea! Seriously. Just look at that post. About halfway down.... riiiiiiight there. And I quote,"Two more years to prepare for a real race. Seriously. Maybe a 5K or something...". That's right. SHE did this to you.) I will send out the application info when I get it.

  • Thanks to all of you who paid the first installment towards our lodging. Those of you who haven't yet had a chance to get a check to me, your total due (before June 3rd) is $202.67.

  • We will make a final payment to Oakland Cottage on June 3rd in the amount of $1058.37. Less the pet deposit, that works out to another payment of $202.67 per family. I will take care of the total by credit card, so you can just send me your portion.

I think that about covers it. If any of you come up with any additional questions, please don't hesitate to ask!

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