Wednesday, May 30, 2007

RE: Groceries, meals, and dishes pictures (oh my!)

There seems to be some general confusion as to who's going to feed us what and when once we get to the Cottage. So, in true administrative fashion, I called Ma and here's how it's gonna go:
  1. Lenka can have Wednesday. Let's face it, none of us is brave enough to stand up to her.
  2. Ma will happily provide breakfast for us all, provided that your definition of breakfast = cold cereal, a bagel, and perhaps a banana or two. Think "continental".
  3. Instead of schlepping lunch meat and the like all the way from AZ, Ma is going to bring along $150 in grocery money. If the meals you are planning include a cooking portion, bring your grocery list and we'll spend Ma's money first!
  4. If the meals you are planning DO NOT include a cooking portion (i.e. you're researching where the nearest Subway is), give us all a heads up. I think that it is only reasonable for us to each pay for our meals out, but advance notice of such plans gives us the ability to come prepared with either cash or a back-up plan.
  5. Edited to add: One more thing -- what size picture does everyone want? I'm putting my vote in for 4X6's (but I haven't gotten my frames yet, so I could be persuaded...)

In the interest of full disclosure, my meals will be as follows:
  • Tuesday night: Something on the grill (Burgers? Hot dogs?), some sort of pasta salad (carbs for Wednesday morning!), possibly some corn on the cob, and some sort of fruit (watermelon if I can find it).
  • Saturday morning: Breakfast, Continental Ma-style
  • Saturday lunch: Ham and cheese sandwiches, chips, and some sort of salad. Since check out time is 11am, I'm inviting you all to the park. I'll let you know which one when we get there.

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