Saturday, June 02, 2007

Christmas Names.

I like to make things complicated. And you all have to follow my thought process, I'm the baby after all, and you HAVE to love me. SO:

To determind Christmas Names, I used Excel.

First, I listed everone's names, and using the RANDBETWEEN (which returns a random number from a specified range; in this case 1-8) Gave everyone a number.

Since there are double 3's, and we have a 4 but no 5, Jaqueline becomes 5. Also, because she is his better half, Sarah retains rights to 6, bumping Michael to 8.

Then, taking each person, 1-8 (in numerical order) and using the RADNBETWEEN function again (discarding duplicates,) we return a value (1-8) for each person, i.e. the gift-ee.

Roger - Earl
Earl - Susan
Susan - Michael
Josh - Elena
Jacqueline - Roger
Sarah - Josh
Elena - Sarah
Michael - Jacqueline

Note: I had taken a bunch of really cool screen shots of me doing all this, but have decided I'm too lazy to publish them on here...

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