Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Now that the givers/receivers list has been posted, how ‘bout some ideas from each of you. I know I really only need lists from the persons for whom I’m shopping, (but there’s always next year, not to mention that maybe if we’re reeeeeely good, we may get something unexpected during the year.)(yea right!!) I just figured each of us would like to have a list from our prospective giftee’s, and besides, it’ll be fun to see what each of us thinks they want.

Normally I wouldn’t ask you to consider any ground rules on such as this, but given Jacq’s recent shuffle towards the dark side…, ah heck, forget the rules. Just because she puts “I want to be queen of the universe” on her list doesn’t mean it’ll happen.

…shall we continue? Here’re some idea categories:

A. Gift cards – be specific and remember, as we learned last year, some gift cards are harder to use in different parts of the country. In fact, if there’s someplace that you REALLY like, put the name and phone number down so that it’s easier to call and get the right thing.
B. Household stuff – not clothes, clothes are too hard. Unless of course you want to put clothes on your list, then Clothes would be just fine!!
C. Music
D. Hobbies
e. ETC.

Other than that, do whatever and however much you want!

(I guess it might have been easier to just get Sis and M to send me a list… but… oh well, since I’ve gone to all the trouble to type this…)

Love ya’ll, EE

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Susan said...

Great idea! (I'm such a good cheerleader!) And, if you'd all like,, once you get your list posted (POST it, don't put it on here as a comment or my bright idea falls apart. You'll see in a minute...), I'll link your name (on the sidebar. Upper right hand corner of the blog. Yeah, there) to it so all we have to do is click on your name and viola, list appears. How cool am I?!