Monday, January 29, 2007

RE: Arrangements, etc.

Going with a 5 way split (less $45 for the first half of the $90 pet fee), the current amount due from each "family" comes to
($1058.67 - $45) / 5 = $202.67

An additional $202.67 will be due from each "family" before we get to Oakland Cottage (the entire cost of the rental is due one month in advance of our visit). Those of you interested in bringing pets drop me a line and we'll work out the pet deposit thing.

Rooms: Jacq and Lenka weighed in on their room choices. As long as there are no written objections, we'll bunk according to their wishes!

Food: Everyone seems to be on board with the "plan the meal(s) for the day suggestion", so let's pick our days. I think that letting the responsible parties decide on whether we are treated to a big lunch or a big dinner is a fair way to handle that controversy. I volunteer to take on Tuesday's dinner and Saturday's breakfast/lunch. That leaves us 3 full days (Weds, Thurs, and Fri)to plan for -- who wants 'em?

Entertainment: I still haven't gotten around to calling Oakland Cottages to see if they have a yard and games (croquet, badminton, etc) for it. I will do that as soon as we get back from our trip to CA. I will also ask them if they have TV/VCR/DVD equipment available. It will be my pleasure to introduce you all to the delightful game of Scum... rubs hands together gleefully, anticipating at least one round of rising to at least the rank of Citizen...

The information on the 5K should be coming out in the next couple of months. I will pass that on as soon as I get it!

I think that brings the blog up to current in terms of decisions that we've made/still need to be made. Please post if I've overlooked anything or if you come up with something else we need to consider!

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