Monday, September 11, 2006

Firecracker 5K Info

Okay, here's the info that I have so far. The following refers to the registration and other particulars related to the 5K:

Hi! I was given this address as a contact point for information on the annual Fourth of July 5K run supporting the Kiwanis in Weaverville. I apologize if this is not the right address… perhaps you could redirect me if that is the case? I am writing to find out more about the 5K as my siblings and I are planning to be in the area at that time and would like to participate if at all possible. I am wondering if the event will indeed be held next year (2007), and if so, what the registration cost, deadline, etc. might be. Are there any restrictions we should know about (such as no strollers, age limits, etc.)? Any information you could send my way would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you,


Next year we will have our 14th annual Firecracker 5K race on the 4th of July. We start our planning in March, so I’m not sure of the cost. I don’t think there will be an increase over the past year unless there are unforeseen increases that we have in putting it all together. We mail out applications usually the first week in May. If you would like to give me your address, I can put you on the mailing list to make sure you get all the information.

We do not have age limits. As for strollers, we had one mother run this past year. She started in the back to avoid tripping anyone and it worked out just fine. I don’t see that there would be a problem.

I’m so excited that you are planning ahead! It is such a great event. Thank you for your interest.


Wonderful! Is it possible for me to get the applications for all the members of the family that will be running? I assume that each of us would need to fill our own out. Does that usually need to be done well in advance? Also, what was the registration fee last year (just so we have a ball-park number. My younger siblings are still in college, so they need PLENTY of time to start eating Ramen Noodles and saving towards events :))? We are hoping to run as a family, so starting at the back with whatever strollers, etc. are there would be ideal for us. Do we need to register the kiddos in strollers or just those running?

Sorry for all the questions. Usually I just register, show up and run, but I’m trying to coordinate this for the whole family and most of them have never participated in an organized run. So the clearer I am about all the little stuff, the less likely I am to have to do dishes or sleep on the porch the whole week :)! Thank you so much!


I’ve attached last year’s application and information. I think it has everything that you need to plan. The children in strollers do not need to register. If you register by the designated deadline it is cheaper.

You can either send me the name and addresses of everyone you would like an application to go to or make copies of the one that I send to you. You will also have an on-line registration option.

Perfect! I will either make copies of the application that you send to me or direct the rest of the family to register online. My mailing address is:
Thanks again for all your help and all the information!


So it looks like the early registration fee will be in the $15 range (click on the application link if you don't believe me. Go ahead. You know you want to.)

RE: Cabins -- I have emailed Rachel for more info on the properties that the company she works for has available. I am guessing that we will wind up needing two properties (unless the company doesn't count the little 'uns in their maximum occupancy count) to house us all. The properties she has suggested for us all have multiple bedrooms and bathrooms (some sharing will be necessary, though. I was going on the assumption that the little 'uns will stay in the room with their parents... let me know if that won't work.) Knowing how many persons/critters/strays everybody intends to bring along will help narrow our choices down, so if you already know how many you'll be, pass it along. I will post the information (and links to the cabins being considered) when I get it!

As for dividing the cost, whaddya think? What's fair? What's affordable?


Jacqueline said...

Ok, I'm just making sure, but please tell me that I am NOT considered one of the "young-uns" and as such do NOT have to stay in Mom and Dad's room. Dad snores.

Susan said...

Sorry, I should have been clearer. My assumption was that little 'uns STILL SUPPORTED BY THEIR PARENTS will stay in the room with their parents.

Does that help?

Jacqueline said...

Well, it helps in terms of clarification. But in terms of nightmares/sleep I won't be getting whilst there, it doesn't help. I am, after all, still in the category of "still supported by their parents".

Susan said...

Whoopsie, so you are. Hmmm, guess we'll have to go to the tribunal for a vote on this one...

Okay, so I just wanted to see you squirm for a bit. I am figuring that we will need at least 6, possibly 8 rooms:

1. Dad, Mom, & Jonathan
2. Caudles
3. Tulinos
4. Greens
5. Jacq
6. Joe
7. Boy foster kids
8. Girl foster kids

Feel better now?

Jacqueline said...

whew! Yes, I feel much better. And thanks for not making me share with Joe. He snores too.