Monday, October 09, 2006

I'm Dreaming of a Green Christmas....

Okay, sorry that I've put it off so long! Because I really do want to be one of the popular kids, here's my Christmas wish list!

I would love some wool. For crocheting/knitting. I'm discovering that the Red Heart stuff is just ehhhh....okay, so call me a yarn snob, but real honest-to-goodness wool is SO nice to work with! Not to mention that you can't make diaper covers with synthetic fibers, because it doesn't have the waterproofing ability that wool does. So, a gift certificate would be awesome! Some sites:

Along the same lines, GCs for fabric/sewing stores would also be great....We have JoAnn's and Hancock nearby. For web-order fabric, I like and

I'd also be thrilled with just about anything.....books, cds, dvds, GCs to purchase any of the above, GCs for iTunes and so forth, GCs for a local day spa ( I'm taking some cake decorating classes (something I've always wanted to do!) so a GC for supplies or further classes would be really swell, too! And can find anything there! :)

For M, sigh....he's hard to shop for, because he's easy to please, LOL! GCs to Lowes, Home Depot, Best Buy, book stores, local golf courses (, guitar stuff, running stuff ( gun stuff, religion stuff (, iTunes, and so forth.

Book stores we have nearby are B&N, BAM, B.Dalton, Waldenbooks. Not sure if there's a Borders around here, but I think they own B.Dalton.

Now, to raise a new issue....nieces, nephews, and four-legged family members....

As always, there is no obligation, real or implied, etc. and blah blah blah.....but if you want to give gifts to our children, and you want a suggestion, here it is: what we would prefer is just a "family" gift, something that the children can enjoy together, like a book, game, puzzle, etc. There's no need for anyone to buy them separate gifts; they don't need it and they certainly don't expect it. Of course, if you want to, that's fine too. They were thrilled to death by the gifts they got last year--books and CDs, a GC to the bookstore (where they got to pick out their very own books), and a card with $5 for each absolutely thrilled them--they each had a grand time deciding how to spend it. In both instances, they learned great lessons, like budgeting, value, making tough decisions, etc. On the other hand, they would have been just as happy with nothing more than a card and a picture! :)

In fact, a picture would be a most cherished gift, especially for the two older kids. They are always talking about the aunts/uncles/grandparents/grandbrother (as E calls J, LOL!), and having their very own pictures would please them beyond measure!

I know we, for one, dropped the ball as far as getting pictures made for last year....would anyone like to try that again for this year?

Okay, blah blah blah, yakkety-smackety and all that....I'd better finally post this or else it will remain as a draft for another month! Which would be a bad thing, because I really do want Christmas gifts, LOL! :)

Thursday, Oct. 12: Edited to add: Old Bisbee Roasters! ( They have the BEST coffee on earth! And I'm not a bit picky....hint, hint! :)


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