Sunday, June 24, 2007

The Clock

Susie et al;
I told you the other day about the clock I had built. If I can successfully navigate this arcane system of communication, I will include the pictures of it. I figure it should be worth $500, I've got about twenty hours into it, along with about $175 parts. I'd make more if I can get parts - the wood is local Mesquite, and the face is hand-sawn. All-in-all it was fun to do. I think I will name this one "Storm Cloud over the Santa Ritas", unless someone has a better title. Halene says it looks like a rabbit, and I kinda see a coyote howling over its shoulder. It needs a big mantle to sit on, as you can see from its size comparable to the organ.
I tried, lemme know if you gottem. Vaya Con Dios, PapaSem

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PapaSem said...

Ain't sure where in the ether the pictures went, but I got a message that they were posted. Anybody get them?