Saturday, June 09, 2007

News from The Weird....

...Sister, that is!

First things first: Earl, I have been intending to make a comment on your method of name totally cracked me up, and of course, I would expect nothing less from you. I keep coming back here with the intention of leaving a witty, clever comment, but then I read it again and my jaw goes slack and i end up cleaning drool out of the keyboard, LOL! Anyway, thanks for the laugh, even though it was the uncomfortable kind of social laugh that generally indicates that one has absolutely no comprehension whatsoever, but still wants to avoid looking entirely know that laugh, right? The same one you use when Jacq makes a music-nerd joke! Yeah, that one.


Second, we are so looking forward to July! I can't wait for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, and if I have to struggle through Wednesday in order to get to those other days, well, so be it! Looks as if some fool* put us in charge of Friday's meals, so following Susan's example of "full disclosure" (is that a fancy way of saying "eat at your own risk?") here's a preliminary menu plan:

Breakfast: If everyone is super nice to me and doesn't tease me about my finish time (indeed, if everyone pretends to be suitably impressed with my "outstanding effort"), then I might be persuaded to break from the continental trend and bake breakfast quiche. Lenka, that's "keeesh" to you, not "quicky".

Lunch is going to be a bit more haphazard. Prolly more in the way of cold-cuts or leftovers or buy your own (we'll provide at least basic sandwich stuff, but you'll have to provide the prep work).

I promise to make up for lunch with dinner....I'm thinking pasta (I have a fantastic recipe I think everyone will like!) and shrimp, salad. garlic bread, etc. I think there's enough Italian in all of us to make that work rather nicely. For dessert, I propose Birthday cake in honor of Jacq. Not because she's special, but just because she provides a good excuse to have cake. Jacq, lemme know what kind of cake you'd like. You can have any flavor your sweet little heart long as Duncan Hines puts it in a box! :)

Any food aversions or allergies I need to know about?

* er, um, that'd be me, I s'pose....

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