Thursday, June 21, 2007


oh, and good luck with those carrots :-) !!!

(wal*mart makes REALLY cute little frosting carrots to put on THEIR cakes, but whatever you want to do...)

I realized that I need to let you all know about the meals for our day, WEDNESDAY!! Don't know why everyone needs to know in advance, Beeeee-cause... (big breath)

"If I have to sweat over a hot stove all day long to prepare meals for your lazy butts, then you're just going to have to like it or lump it. what was that?... don't make me come over there!! No, you can't have desert before you finish your veggies... I DON'T care if you don't like veggies, they're good for you. ESPECIALLY the carrots!! No not the frosting carrots that go on carrot cake, the real carrots. Have you EVER seen a rabbit with glasses?...."

Oh wow, that was scary! Anyway, here's the plan for now:


Whatever anyone actually feels like eating before the BIG run, or (little walk as the case may be) I'm going to see what Susie suggests as far as what's good to keep the maximum energy levels up.


Since we'll be out and about anyway, I'm thinking that there will be vendors for the 4th of July festivities, or we'll do something like Subway!!


We're going to buy PIZZA!!!!

Forget the homemade betty crocker stuff. Sarah "stewart" can make up for it with her gourmet meal on thursday!! (sounds delish by the way)

Yep, you heard me, pizza, cokes (any flavor you want) popcorn and movies, and I think I'll make a ooey gooey choclatey little debbie cake!!

In other words, we're going the JUNK FOOD route!!

Yay Me!!!

I WIN!!!

BTW, Great idea about the mixed fridge-leftover-clean 'em up day on Friday, Suze!!!

Where DO you come up with these ideas?



susan said...

(wait, wait, that wasn't quite right...)

Some of us are just born brilliant. Or should I say "There are those amongst us to whom a genetic predisposition towards brilliance is simply unavoidable." Forget a buck seventy-five, that should up my anty to at least two-fifty!

susan said...

Er, just so everyone doesn't get as confused as I just did, my original comment was:

"Some of us are just born brilliant. Or should I say "There are those amongst us whom are genetically predisposed to magnitudes of brilliance." That should be worth at least a buck seventy-five..."

and then I hit the delete button twice and it magically disappeared! So back to what I was saying about brilliance...

Jacqueline said...

lol. priceless!

SheBear said...

Dad!! Lenka's channeling Mom again, and I think her head is gonna start spinning. It's scaring the babies, can you make her stop?

Lenka said...


... once again, we have manage to prove the theory that "the fruit doesn't fall far from the hand in the bush with two birds whose eggs are all in one basket...

I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOU ALL, (i think?!!)