Sunday, September 10, 2006

A Question

Hold on, lemme slide my chair over. Adjust the keyboard. Ok, now, on to business.

Is there a registration cost for the 5K? Also, do we know the breakdown of costs for splitting the cabins? Of course, this is assuming that all families will be there (which they will....right?). I just want to get started saving my pennies - er, mom and dad's pennies.

I think that maybe mom might have to take on a 2nd job in order to support me, but what are parents for? :-)

Ok, later, yo.


Momma said...

I could start a whole new blog to answer that!! Momma

Susan said...

I will email the event coordinator (or at least the person who coordinated it this year!) to find out what the registration fee for the 5K is. I would be very surprised if it is more than $20 per runner.

As for the cabins, I need to get busy working on that as well. Rachel emailed me a link to the cabins available through the company that she works for. I need to get back in touch with her to find out how strict they are with the maximum occupancy numbers and whether or not the little 'uns count towards that number. That will make a difference in how many places we will need (depending, of course on how many of us there will be!).

Guess I've got some homework/research to do before I can really give you an answer! I'll get on that and try to post some numbers by the end of the month.

SheBear said...

Most of the races I've seen 'round here are in the $15 to $25 range. If you're thinking that you can use the "money's tight" excuse to get outta this, I personally will chip in to cover your fee...I'm betting the other sibs will put in, too, so there! ;-)

As far as accomodations, whether or now we (the Greens) will be sharing a cabin(s) with the rest of you all will depend on the space/privacy issue. With 3 kids, we will need some private area to which we can retreat when necessary. Preferrably a sound-proof area, but we'll make do if we have to....

Anyway, we are just finding that it doesn't work--for us or anyone who has to be around us--to just throw sleeping bags on the floor in the living room. At least not at this age. So, that may have some bearing on the issue. It may be a good idea to investigate nearby hotel options also. Or if it turns out that we are the only ones not cabinizing, we can do our own homework on that score.

So the first issue, I guess, is to see what the cabin set-up is, and then we can figure out whether that will work for us! :)