Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Arrangements, etc

Split of cost: Let's go 5 ways. Since we've been dealing with those numbers already anyway, we might as well keep it consistent. :-)

Sleeping arrangements:

We have 4 suites and roughly 4 families (if joe does come, I guess he can have the couch).

Mom and dad are bringing the majority of the people, so give them the big suite, which looks to me like the Garden Suite

Lenka already called dibs on Rose Suite, and since there are 2 rooms, I'll bunk in there. That way we have the dogs confined to a single area.

'rah and Co are bringing the next most, so give them the Music Suite cuz it has a day and trundle bed, which is perfect for the kiddies.

And that leaves the Safari Suite for Sis, etc, which is only fitting, seeing as how they are the only ones who have actually been on a Safari.

I can go any way with the split of this. I do like the idea of one of the meals being a lighter, more left-over style, but if I had to choose one, I would pick the big meal to be lunch and lighter to be dinner. The only reason is cuz by the end of the day we'll be tired and won't wanna take the time for an elaborate meal, but if we have a big lunch, then we older ones can just kind of pick and choose for dinner. It would be nice for every family to do the one meal a day or one day of meals thing, but just know that mine will probably end up being something lame, like take-out or, if I decide to go really fancy, you might get boiled water. But that's about it.

I would say, and I think that Lenka would agree, that she and I will be splitting the pet costs. Unless, of course, Joe comes. Then he'll have to pitch in for himself. :-) (yeah, I went there.)

Each family is required to bring one board/card game. I call dibs on Uno. Diesel and I will also be doing some outdoors hiking and stuff and I would love it if you all would come along. It will be great to see some pretty nature that doesn't include cacti. I will bring my collection of G-rated movies for the chilluns and if you want me to bring something with a higher rating for after they go to bed, just let me know. Does anybody have a croquet set?

Joe Suggests: Chihuahua punting. All in favor?

That's all I have for now. If you don't like the suggestions, that's ok, but I just thought I would put this out there and that way we have a somewhat formed plan that we can then change as needed.

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susan said...

Wow! Thanks for putting this together! I'll count this as the "master post for everyone to vote on" if you'll let me... Please?

I'm fine with all your suggestions... I'll double check with the manager to see if they have TV/Video equipment before you haul your G stash clear across the country.