Wednesday, January 31, 2007

You've GOT to be kidding!! Right??

You really expect me to commit to a menu 6 months in advance, when it took me until 2:30 this afternoon to finally come up with a game plan for tonight's dinner???

Dang, girl, what alien kidnapped you and sucked all that Semadeni procrastination DNA out of your genes? LOL!

Actually, I'm just kidding; I wanted to call dibs on Friday's meals. Well, lunch and dinner at least, if Mom's doing breakfast. But I'm fine with taking care of Friday breakfast too, so just put us down for the whole day if you want! :)

Just don't ask what we'll be cooking, because I have no clue....

Hey, Sis, when you have a chance to ask about the yard/croquet/etc., would you mind asking if they have a BBQ grill available for us to use? That might make our dinner plans easier, LOL!

WRT paying you: do you have a paypal account, and if so, would that be a good way to pay, or would you prefer a check via mail? I don't really care which way we do it, but paypal would be instant and secure, so if that's convenient for you, that'd be cool. I'll try to give you a call tomorrow; I've been meaning to call you this week anyway!

New topic: Is anyone besides me really wanting to see pictures of the Teddy Bear family?? Mama, I seem to remember you promising to make Joe or Jacq post some pictures on here! :) And, if I had some step-by-step (ie, talk to me like I just stepped off the really short bus!) help, I might be pursuaded to post some pictures of the munchkins, too! (I know, Lenka, I still haven't sent you pictures of the kids in their Christmas gifts! Bad me!)

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susan said...

Yeah, yeah, I know... Little Miss OCD sucks all the fun out of everything. :)

Really, all I was looking for is someone (else!) to take over some of the planning, so having guilted 'rah and Lenka into choosing a day to figure out how to feed this crew(which, by the way, leaves Jacq and/or Joe responsible for meals on Weds!), my job is done. At least in that respect. And, honestly, if you decide at the last minute that mutton chops is the perfect thing for dinner, I'll never know (and therefore won't have to compulsively wash my hands 48 times to get rid of the "not-planned-to-death" stench).

RE: Breakfasts -- I don't know what Mom's take is on doing the breakfasts, but if she want's to do them, that's absolutely fabulous in my book!

RE: BBQ grill -- I'll add that to the list of questions to ask. Can anyone think of anything else? I probably won't call them until we get back from CA...

RE: PayPal -- no, I don't have an account. :( A check in the mail is perfectly fine!

RE: Teddy Bear family -- a photo shoot would be grrrrrreat! But (and this will prove that I'm not completely devoid of any family genes), can we wait until I get the costumes for my bears figured out? (Hey, what do you want? I DID get the bears there... eventually.) I'll try to get that done before we leave. And I'll be happy to post a step by step tutorial on picture posting so we can all see the little 'uns!

One last thing -- per a recent request, I've gone back through all of our posts and changed all the names to the nicknames listed in the sidebar. You know, to protect the *innocent* and all that. Let
s all try to be consistent in using the nicknames rather than our given names -- no need to put more of our personal infomation out there in the blogosphere than necessary!!!