Monday, January 29, 2007

Lenka says:


I call DIBS on Thursday's Lunch. We're having SALAD!! NO MUSHROOMS!!!

I thought Mom was going to do the BREAKFASTS?!!!

... But if not, I'll bring the Capn' Crunch, Lucky Charms and Froot Loops!! (that would be Roger, Jacq, & Heather!!! HA HA HA) And SUPPER will be POP CORN, POP TARTS, & POP, (er, wait, let's see, where will we be? N.C. yep, then I mean COKE!!) ...and left overs from whatever Susie does on Tuesday!!

Is this getting exciting or WHAT?!! I can hardly wait!! In fact, I'm quite simply GIDDY!!!!

OH yea, and Sis...

THE CHECK'S IN THE MAIL!!!! (TEE HEEE HA HAA HA!!) No, seriously, maybe not today, but it'll be on the way THIS WEEK!!

Love to you all!! EE

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susan said...

Ahem, you do know that by calling Thursday's lunch you hafta do dinner, too. Right? Breakfast? Well, that's between you, Mom, and the Cap'n