Saturday, August 26, 2006

Lenka's List

OK, so I said I'd do this yesterday, but I couldn't get blogger to work at my work, so... here I am with a list, Minus the Linky links, because I have no idea how to do that. Don't worry, I've got a call in to Sis, so maybe we'll come back and do it later!!

Also, just because Sis has my name, please don't let that stop anyone else from choosing something from my list to send to... Jacq. You know she wants it!!!

Anyway, Here's my list:

Gift Certificates:
Joe Muggs/Books.a.million, Pet Depot, Goody's Family Clothing, Pedi/Manicures, Wal*mart, or surpise me.

House Stuff:
Big Fluffy Bath Towel set, centerpiece for my dining table, GC to Michael's, Wal*mart, I like suprises

Vince Gill's new 4 disc set (due to come out this fall I think), Old stuff like Jim Reeves, Don Williams, Amy Grant has one that's called "Grace" I think, and then I really like a lot of the new adult alternative stuff like Sis mentioned, I just don't know names and titles. I really like the soundtracks they use on the shows like Grey's anatomy etc. And I like surprises.

Dog stuff, scrapbooking , Danielle Steel books (mom's got a list of what I've got) Surprises are good

Christmas ornaments, I love the nativity set from "Willow Tree by Demdaco", coffee stuff, hair and nail stuff, pictures of my nieces and nephews.

Oh and I like surpises!!

As for the Counselor, He's easy. When I asked him to put a list together, he said:

"12oz mocha, skim, decaf, and really, really hot"

So that's our list for now. I'll add to it as things come to me!!

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Lenka's linked... who's next?!