Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Can I tell everyone how sick I am of lists, listserves, memos, templates, chains of command, phone databases, databases in general, notes, schedules, business plans, plans in general, parking garage days, 5 mile runs, and really anything that requires thinking (ok, so scratch the last two.... if you don't know what I mean by parking garage days I’ll gladly expound...)! But here goes anyway :-D (I’m a diligent solider, always ready to dutifully do my duties as duty requires...HA I said DUTY THREE TIMES IN ONE SENTENCE!!)

The List:
Top O'the list:
Band Of Brothers on DVD
The Red Hot Chili Peppers: Stadium Arcadium
Gift certificates for music...anywhere is cool if they have a website*...
if you'd rather just send money i know of a website that sells really REALLY cheap CDs person to person...check it our (www.half.com) it's an ebay affiliate.
fm transmitter for my iPod
other toys for my Ipod
Toys for my iMac

pulp fiction
last samuari
the saint
13th warrior
nash bridges all/any season on dvd

(Note: some of these are not complete cds, just songs. I don't mind if the entire CD is attached to the song. It's really OK with me.)

van helsing soundtrack
styx blue : collar man (song)
ramjam (band)
american graffiti soundtrack
buju banton (Artist)
eek-a-mouse (Artist)
black uru (Artist)
slave soundtrack
peter tosh (Artist)
dj dan (Artist)
ron-d-core (Artist)
dj irene (Artist)
dj rectangle (Artist)
dj shadow (Artist)
Van Halen
chili peppers : uplift mofo (cd)
marshall tucker : can't you see (song)
the police (Artist)
yes (Artist)
Mitch hedberg (comedian)
madonna: confessions on a dancefloor (cd)

Anne Kolter: Godless
Vietnam: the necessary war : michael lind
isreal: a history : martin gilbert
the case for isreal : alan dershowitz
standing with isreal : david brog
a history of the jews : paul johnson
myths and facts : mitchell bard
why I am a reagan conservative
Bush v the beltway : laurle mylrole

bones of contention
flags of our fathers
world without cancer
after the flood
the worlds most famous court trial
ride to glory
icons of evolution
hydroplate theory
the nature of the judicial process: benjamin cardosa

cs freidman (have the coldfire trilogy)
stephen r donaldson
ra salvatore (ask what i have or no)
terry brooks (Ask i f i have it alread)
terry goodkind: Phanton

Just Kidding:
A suzuki SV650
An Honda CBR 650
a Sig SP2022 (SW.40)
a Sig 1911 Revolution Nitron (.45)

More to Come*

*NOTE: this is not just a gimme gimme list, this is a list of stuff I've been meaning to get myself (if i ever have money) that I've been building on my phone for forever... :-D


Susan said...

Joe's linked!

But maybe we should all wait to tell him until he's had a bit more sleep. Can I just say I think I'm glad he's not doing his "duty" at our house right now? Sounds like somethin's got him plugged up but good!!
(I jest, baby brother... you can "think" on our throne whenever you want!)

Linky, linky, linky, linky... 'rah, you're next!!!

Lenka said...

... I just hope he doesn't make any "duty calls" any time soon, at least until he wakes up.

... since he's part Italian, does that make him a "Duty Wop" singer?

... but don't make us mad or you'll be in deep "DUTY"!!

and that's all I got to say 'bout that!!