Friday, August 18, 2006

Last test

Please let me know if you get this one. I think I've now got the settings so that everyone will get an email when a new post has been added to the blog and when a comment has been added to a post. Just let me know via email if you got it... also, let me know if I should make any changes to the email addresses I'm currently using!

Also, I added the blog members to the top right-hand side of the blog... if you would like to be listed by another name or would prefer to not be listed or if you just feel like you really need to comment but don't actually have anything to add, let me know!



SheBear said...

Um, you are a nerd, but the email/comment thing seems to be working....I got 13 messages today! But I don't see that many comments, so maybe it's working too well?

And they totally ought to pay you to write cheers. Like, that was worth at least two, four, six, make that a DOLLAR!! Totally! Go team!


SheBear said...

Oh, and if it's not too much trouble, can you change to my gmail account. Same as the yahoo, but

Thanks! And kisses! :*