Thursday, August 17, 2006

Only 4 months and 7 days 'til Christmas!!

Hey guys, do you think it'd be all right to post the Christmas drawing, names, list, thingy on here? Or is this one just for the 5K Firecracker? I keep having to hunt up my email from Jacq and keep finding the one where SHE gets EVERYthing from EVERYbody, and I KNOW that's just not right, sooo... if ya'll don't care, I'd love to know that I could come here when I need to refresh my memory. If it's not such good idea, no worries, I think there's a tatoo parlor down the street.(won't loose the list that way)...

luv ya, EE

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Susan said...

I love the idea of posting the list here... I'd love it if this site took off and became a way for us to stay in touch, long after the 5K!